• Are you under pressure to do more with less?

  • Reduce the time and cost of your audits!

  • No need to purchase software: we teach STATISTICAL analytics made easy (this is NOT database queries/scripting)

  • Analytical procedures are the #1 TECHNIQUE for finding fraud. AND can be used as tests of controls and tests of details.

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Advanced Data Analytics Level 1

(up to 14 CPE hours/CPD hours)

Find fraud using the #1 fraud detection method


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Continuous Controls Monitoring

(up to 7 CPE hours/CPD hours)

Understand how to audit more by doing less!


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Our audit training is hands-on and computer based, so you will learn to implement these cost saving techniques immediately. By attending our two most popular audit training sessions (Advanced Data Analytics Level 1 and Continuous Controls Monitoring) you will have the capabilities to decrease time spent on your mundane internal audits by up to 90% and know how to identify the high risk and value added audit engagements. Training earns continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Dr Dan Kneer Advisory Group’s industry contributions and clients include:

Conferences & Seminars for various chapters of ISACA and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) worldwide.

Contributed content for the 2009 COSO Guidance on Monitoring Internal Control Systems.

Training for ‘Big 4’ accounting firms and Internal Audit Units of Fortune 500 listed companies.

Lifetime Recognition “for advancing auditing practice thru the usage of, and teaching of, applied and innovative technology and techniques” (AICPA)

Dr Dan Kneer’s cutting edge philosophies are now more readily available in the Australasia and South East Asia regions. There is now an instructor based in Australia! [Learn more here]